I design beautiful and functional spaces that make you feel at home no matter what season of life you’re in, so that you can focus on nurturing meaningful relationships and find comfort and joy in your surroundings.

Want your home to look and feel right? You’re in the right place.

After working as a full time design specialist and lead coach to the store designers at Pottery Barn for seven years, I founded LT Design Co. to help homeowners navigate interior design decisions and make the process feel less daunting.

Lindsay trabing


If you’ve got a vision for turning your house into a serene, inspiring home, I want to help you do it right and do it once — without having to do all the climbing (also known as planning, researching, shopping and tweaking) yourself. 

What if you could hand off planning, design, and execution with complete confidence?

Maureen Pizzano

"We could not be happier with the work that Lindsay did in our home. Not only is Lindsay an extremely talented designer, she is warm, funny and an absolute joy to work with!"

My deepest passion is not to fill your space with stuff, but to find details that give meaning and purpose to the space you live in. 

Let me help you turn your vision into a reality that will last much longer than a trendy style. 

Design and decorating is so much more than simply handing over a Pinterest board of 5 different ways to decorate a bedroom. It’s a process of truly discovering who you are, what you love aesthetically, and designing the visual stories that represent the values you hold dear. 



Marrying my passion for design and my heart for serving others - I started Lindsay Trabing Designs with the mission to bring simple elegance and warm hospitality into each and every space we create. I believe working together shouldn’t feel like a process but an experience – one where you feel understood and inspired through every step and with every detail.

If you’re someone who also drives your partner crazy by pondering what color you should paint the walls, we’ll probably bond pretty quickly and have some fun along the way!

Hi, I’m Lindsay!

based in Des Moines, Iowa

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LT Design Co is an interior design firm in Des Moines, Iowa.